Important COVID-19 Update

Dear Manhattan Athletic Club Members,

We thank you for your membership and your kind words of support through these challenging times.

We could not be more proud of the relationships we have developed with all of our MAC members since 1986!

ALL membership accounts were frozen effective April 1st. You will not be billed for dues until we reopen.

We have many dedicated and valued employees who are dependent on their employment at Manhattan Athletic Club to support themselves and their families.

Many of you have asked how you can support the club during this period of uncertainty.

The best way for you to support our employees and to help maintain the existence of the Club is to continue paying your monthly dues.

In addition, we will continue to investigate every source of income or assistance available via federal aid, insurance, and deferred bank payments and loans. You can help us support employees and assist in maintaining critical facility operations by continuing to pay for your membership.

If you opt to maintain your membership you will be charged your regular monthly membership fees for April or May 2020. Please see the Pay Monthly Dues below.

We are praying that we will be allowed to reopen in mid-May however; we will need the approval of Governor John-Bel Edwards to do so.

During this unprecedented time, we are looking for every way possible to stay connected to our Members and make our extended family at MAC even stronger. Our family of dedicated members is a unique and very special group of people.

We thank you again for supporting us during these very challenging times.

May God Bless US ALL with Health and Prosperity!

Bill Boada
General Manager

Pay Monthly Dues